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McKinley's MISSION
"We are McKinley's P.R.I.D.E.
(Peaceful, Respectful, Intelligent, Diverse, and Enthusiastic)!"

At McKinley School, staff, parents and community members work together to create a Peaceful and Respectful learning environment. We believe that ALL students are Intelligent and are capable of high levels of achievement. We celebrate and value our Diverse community. We are raising Enthusiastic learners so that ALL students are successful throughout their years at McKinley School and beyond.

McKinley's VISION

As a model school for collaboration, we will be recognized for our alignment of instructional practices and character development. Our students will succeed as readers, writers, mathematicians and upstanders in order to meet and exceed annual school goals. Through staff, parent and community partnerships, all students will prepare for their next educational step and set goals for their future.

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